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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reaction to Way of Life Christian Camp 2012

"This last week I went to Way of Life Christian Camp. Arriving on Sunday I did not realize the things I was about to learn and leave with that Friday evening. That week, new relationships were made and the old ones were made stronger, not only with friends but also with God. I learned that being the one standing out in the crowd was not a bad thing. It was actually a good thing if it was showing the light of Jesus Christ. During camp we called this "swimming upstream" and not being the one going with the flow. Being at camp really changed the way I look at my life and other people on this earth. Talking to the people in my cabin, I realized that I tend to judge people by their cover and not really what's inside. This is something that I am looking forward to changing about myself by getting to know people better and not judging them. I am also planning on setting a better example for the people at my school and in my community. I am going to make my example shown and noticed. Looking at my life, I have never realized how great of a life I actually have and I am so very grateful for everybody in it. Camp impacted me in a way I never thought was possible. This was because I didn't think a camp so new in my life (the location) would really change me the way it did. I thought a new location would change the way things worked and the feeling of everything around me, but I didn't realize how much better it would be. I got to meet some amazing people and experience some great things. I was one of those people who contemplated going to camp this year and I regret that deeply. I am so thankful for the people who convinced me to go because I had the time of my life. Way of Life Christian Camp week 2012 was so amazing and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with everybody, especially my cabin 4 ladies. I thank everybody who made this camp happen! Love you all!" - Abigayle Demchak (17yr. - Marysville, OH)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Reaction to Way of Life Christian Camp 2012

"Even though this was my first year at WoLCC, I feel like this camp and everyone there had a great influence on me. I learned that during my journey Up-Stream, I am not alone. I met a great group of girls in my cabin (Cabin 4) who didn't think twice about opening their heart to each other. After this week, I know I have expanded my trust circle to more people I feel like I can trust. (: Everything we've done this week impacted me in some kind of way!" - Jasmine Powell (17yr, Cincinnati, OH)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reaction to Way of LIfe Christian Camp 2012

"Nothing really compares to what I experienced at camp this year, not only for myself, but for my close friends as well. In past years, I was timid and shy to step up and to meet new people. This year I took the initiative and wanted to change myself and also give courage to others to do the same. I met some more great people this year who really gave me a different outlook on life and I will always cherish these people. I love camp and this week revived my spirit. (I think they need to make it 2 weeks long!)"  - Colin Dawson, 17yr Cincinnati, Ohio

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reaction to Way of Life Christian Camp 2012

"I loved last weeks camp! It's something I looked forward to for the past year. I met so many new people, and I'm happy to now call them my friends! The worship was great and very moving. Also the lessons taught me a lot about Christ and how to live faithfully. The activities we did were great and brought everyone in the camp closer together, and they were a lot of fun! Last weeks camp taught me how to be a nicer, happier person and to swim up the stream and be different. Overall camp is something that I always look forward too and I love ! It was truly an amazing week!" - Reagan Longo (15 year old - Westerville, OH)

Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 - Swim Upstream!

“What is striking about the gospel accounts is how Jesus reverses negativity dominance.  Jesus is, to coin a term, positivity dominant.  Contact with Jesus purifies.  A missional church embraces this reversal, following Jesus into the world without fear of contamination.  But it is important to note that this is a deeply counterintuitive position to take.  Nothing in our experience suggests that this should be the case.  The missional church will always be swimming against the tide of disgust psychology, always tempted to separate, withdraw, and quarantine.” - Richard Beck

Way of Life Christian Camp 2012 seeks to resist such temptations and SWIM UPSTREAM against the current of prevailing culture-too often modern church culture-and our own intuitions.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Details for the Upcoming Week

Here are some important details.
Arrival Time for Staff = 7pm - Saturday July 7
Arrival Time for Campers = 2pm - 4pm Sunday July 8
Departure Time for Everyone = 6pm Friday July 13
We will again have a modest Canteen Snack Bar so please bring canteen money (MAX canteen account this year will be $10)
We will have some theme Dress-up nights:
Sports, western, green & costume
*use your imagination & creativity*
(We will also be theming some of our activities around the Olympics next week!)
If you send any snacks with your camper(s) please try to have them placed in sealed Tupperware containers

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Register Now for Camp

Registration Now Open for the 2012 Way of Life Christian Camp
Dates: July 8th - July 13th
Location: Camp Nuhop - 1077 Township Road 2196, Perrysville, OH  44864
Theme: Swimming Upstream

Go to the following links below:

Online Registration
Registration Form

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Do what is right, regardless!" - Swimming Upstream (WOLCC 2012)

“Do what’s right regardless.”  It’s a common phrase in our society.  You might hear a preacher or teacher say it.  You might hear a parent or coach say it.  But what does it mean?  The “do what’s right” thing might be a bit easier to get, don’t you think?  We’re not really discussing whether lying is right, are we?  Are we wondering if being kind and merciful is right?  Do you loose sleep contemplating if being hateful and vengeful is right?

Right and wrong are pretty clear aren’t they?  Right and wrong are black and white most of the time wouldn’t you say?  But the “regardless” part, now what does that mean?

“Do what’s right regardless” of what?  Regardless of what others are doing?  Regardless of what you might feel at the time?  Regardless of what the repercussions might be?  Regardless of what others might say?  Regardless of what the financially smart thing to do is?  Regardless of what your parents might say?  Regardless of what the church says?

Jesus was a “do what’s right regardless” type guy.  He wasn’t scared or opposed to swim against the current if it meant doing what’s right.

Here’s an example.  Jesus made a habit of giving attention and respect to groups of people that society had little use for:  the poor, the sick, sinners, women, children and foreigners.  Jesus also made it a habit of telling the elite, the powerful and religious that they were not on the right track and they were missing the big picture of love, forgiveness and mercy.

As a deep lover of God, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did many of the same things that he saw his mentor Jesus doing.  Without the paralyzing fear of the current, Dr. King verbally expressed his dreams of equality, respect and non-violence as he marched through strongholds of ignorance and hate in pursuit of that dream. 

As Christ-followers, we are called to “do what’s right regardless.”  We are called to swim against and push through the current if the current isn’t flowing in God’s direction.  Let’s school up and get swimming.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Important Information for Way of Life Staff!

Important Information for Way of Life Christian Camp STAFF

We are just a couple weeks away from our annual staff retreat April 6th - 7th at Camp Nuhop. Thanks to a generous donation, the staff retreat will be free for all participants!  We invite all staff to bring their family as child care will be provided during staff meetings.

We ask that everyone who is attending, be at Camp Nuhop by 7pm Friday the 6th to get settled into their rooms/cabins.

Our schedule will look something like this:
Friday evening (7:30-9:30pm) schedule will include lots of time together (fellowship, activities, & worship) in Main Lodge.

Saturday (8am - Noon) will include Breakfast, Planning for our week together (July 8-13th) Lunch & Prayer!
We intend on concluding our retreat together by 1pm on Saturday April 7.

If you have yet to fill out a Staff Application please do so. We must have all staff applications in by Saturday March 31.
If you are not able to serve this year, or can serve at camp, but not attend the retreat, would you please call or email us as soon as possible to help us in our planning.

Here is the link for the Staff Application

Also, please visit the links below in preparation for this exciting week.

We love you so much!

God Continues to Bless,

Robin & Diane Weier - (614) 818-0818
David & Laura Miller - (513) 451-4597
Nate & Molly Williams - (501) 499-3245
Josh & Amanda Frame - (614) 352-1734
Nathan & Rhoda Holton - (330) 209-8036

The Leadership Team

Friday, January 13, 2012

Way of Life Christian Camp 2012 - Theme = "Swimming Upstream"

They were confused, perplexed and devastated. They had been through the horrors of a public execution, the ongoing threat to their own safety and the uncertainty of their futures. Now the two of them were setting out on a day-long trip to leave that town of horror and head toward home, about 7 miles away. There they should be out of the fray, safe from the threat of arrest, and in a place where they could begin rebuilding their lives. Or, so they hoped.

As they walked, they tried to process all the events of the situation they had just endured.
They kicked up dust as they went, and as they traveled another man on the road joined their company. He was drawn into their conversation, as it had an intensity that was hard to ignore. The man, walking with them, seemingly had not heard of recent occurrences. They enlightened him and lamented over and over, “We thought he was the one.” “We thought this was the guy.”

These travelers were not very far into the grieving process as it had only been a few days. But, they were deep into the beginnings of a heart-wrenching, fist-pounding grief. They must have been wondering if things could possibly have been different, talking over and over again the details of their experience, hurting for the loss of their Rabbi, Jesus and wondering what in the world was going to happen next.

What they did not know as they walked along that road was that their Rabbi had been raised up. His rising had completely redefined the framework of their lives. From this point on, their community, that band of followers that had hung their hopes on this man Jesus, was a community in exile; going against the conventional grain, swimming against the current, swimming upstream!

July 8th thru the 13th, we will examine how the task of living in the shadow of an empty tomb, that our way of life; living the truth of the resurrection might place us in contrast to the prevailing values of our world. If we’re serious about swimming upstream, about following the script of Jesus, then we will quickly find ourselves in the company of those first disciples in exile.