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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Do what is right, regardless!" - Swimming Upstream (WOLCC 2012)

“Do what’s right regardless.”  It’s a common phrase in our society.  You might hear a preacher or teacher say it.  You might hear a parent or coach say it.  But what does it mean?  The “do what’s right” thing might be a bit easier to get, don’t you think?  We’re not really discussing whether lying is right, are we?  Are we wondering if being kind and merciful is right?  Do you loose sleep contemplating if being hateful and vengeful is right?

Right and wrong are pretty clear aren’t they?  Right and wrong are black and white most of the time wouldn’t you say?  But the “regardless” part, now what does that mean?

“Do what’s right regardless” of what?  Regardless of what others are doing?  Regardless of what you might feel at the time?  Regardless of what the repercussions might be?  Regardless of what others might say?  Regardless of what the financially smart thing to do is?  Regardless of what your parents might say?  Regardless of what the church says?

Jesus was a “do what’s right regardless” type guy.  He wasn’t scared or opposed to swim against the current if it meant doing what’s right.

Here’s an example.  Jesus made a habit of giving attention and respect to groups of people that society had little use for:  the poor, the sick, sinners, women, children and foreigners.  Jesus also made it a habit of telling the elite, the powerful and religious that they were not on the right track and they were missing the big picture of love, forgiveness and mercy.

As a deep lover of God, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did many of the same things that he saw his mentor Jesus doing.  Without the paralyzing fear of the current, Dr. King verbally expressed his dreams of equality, respect and non-violence as he marched through strongholds of ignorance and hate in pursuit of that dream. 

As Christ-followers, we are called to “do what’s right regardless.”  We are called to swim against and push through the current if the current isn’t flowing in God’s direction.  Let’s school up and get swimming.

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