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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Way of Life Christian Camp

July 5, 2011

Way of Life Campers and Parents!

We are so excited to spend the week with you and cannot waitto see you on Sunday.  We know that eachof you are excited about the week and will be busy getting ready so we wanted toshare some information with you that will hopefully help you prepare.

1.     Camper registration will be from 2 – 4pm on July 10th.  Please make arrangements to arrive duringthat time.  We will have signs directingyou to registration when you arrive on camp. If you have not already done so please plan on paying the balance ofyour registration and camp T-shirt fees at that time.  We will also have a canteen during the weekand money can be pre-paid for this at registration.
2.     There is a list of suggested items to bring as well assuggested items to leave at home posted on the Way of Life blog.  The list and other information can be foundat:  http://wayoflifechristiancamp.blogspot.com/
a.      In addition to your normal clothes please bring clothesand shoes suitable for hiking, canoeing, tent camping and other outsideactivities.
3.     All staff and campers should bring a washed, whitet-shirt for arts and crafts.
4.     In order to help provide a safe, Godly environment forall of our campers we ask that all campers and staff please dress modestly and follow some simple dresscode guidelines.  All shorts and skirtsshould be at least mid-thigh in length, no spaghetti straps, low cut or midrifftops and tight, form fitting clothing should be avoided.
5.     There will be coed swim time during the week in aPleasant Hill lake.  All staff andcampers should bring a t-shirt and shorts suitable for swimming (no whitet-shirts).  Certified lifeguards will bepresent during swim times and life jackets will be available.
6.     We have several fun theme nights picked out for theweek and encourage everyone to bring clothing to participate.  The themes are:
a.       Monday– Team or Jersey Night
b.      Tuesday– Western
c.       Wednesday– Mismatch (clothing that does not go together)
d.     Thursday – Costume (any costume will do)
e.      Friday – Hawaiian Luau
7.     The Way of Life Christian Camp is open to worship inany form.  Out of respect foreveryone, we want to communicate that a few of our worship gatherings will beaccompanied by a guitar.
8.     This year we will be closing out camp on Friday with apotluck for all of our campers, staff and their families.  We invite you to join us for the camp videoand potluck prior to heading home.  Wewill be providing hotdogs, baked beans, chips and cookiesand ask that anyone who is able to attend to bring something to share that isready to eat.  There will be a sign upsheet for the potluck at registration. The video will begin at 5:00pm and the mealat 5:45pm.  If you are not able to join usplease make arrangements to pick up your child at 7pm on Friday, July 15.
9.     Camp Nuhop Phone for Emergency Contact: 419-938-7151.
10.  Directionsto Camp Nuhop from I-71. (GPS systems tend not to choose the best route)
       1.     Take exit 165 for OH-97 Lexington / Bellville
       2.     Travel East on OH-97 E towards Bellville                             [9.3 mi]
       3.     Turn Left onto OH-95 E (in Butler)                                        [3.8 mi]
       4.     Follow the Signs to Camp Nuhop (white with red letters)
       5.     Turn Right onto Pleasant Hill Rd                                           [2.8mi]
       6.     Follow Signs to Camp Nuhop

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